Our Firm has experienced specialists who collaborate with our customers to interpret properly the current Mexican legislation and to develop effective legal strategies in the field of taxation for the proper compliance of their tax obligations.

In response to the needs of our clients, our specialists offer tax litigation services, including the designing of strategies to challenge, through appropriate legal means of defense, Laws or any resolutions issued by the relevant authorities that may cause any prejudice in tax, administrative, foreign trade and social security matters.

Also, and aware of the importance of contracts to support business operations, our specialists can provide the necessary assistance for drafting and reviewing such documents, according to their legal and tax implications, in order to prevent any contingencies and conflicts with third parties.

Our strengths

  • Experience and response capability of our specialists.
  • Personalized services to our clients according to their needs.
  • Our commitment for providing quality services.
  • Strict compliance of our Professional Ethics Code.
  • Teamwork.
  • The existence of a global network which allow us to provide multidisciplinary services and access to experts in different parts of the world.

New Legal Corporate Area

Our main services are as follows:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts.
  • Opinion letters regarding federal, local and municipal taxes.
  • Opinion letters regarding social security contributions and the IMSS and INFONAVIT fees.
  • Opinion letters on the tax implications of contracts and tax efficient structures.
  • Legal audit (Due Diligence).
  • Filing of ruling requests and authorizations before the relevant tax and administrative authorities, regarding federal and local taxes.
  • Advising and follow-up in case the tax authorities execute their review powers (tax audit, review to third parties, compliance of information requests, etc.).
  • Administrative appeals against the resolutions issued by federal and local tax and administrative authorities.
  • Lawsuits filed before the relevant Federal Tax Courts and before the relevant Federal and Local Administrative Courts.
  • Lawsuits filed before the Federal Judicial Courts, such as federal appeals against Laws and resolutions issued by tax and administrative authorities.
  • Federal appeals against the resolutions issued by the relevant tax and administrative courts filed before the relevant Federal Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of Justice.