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White Books and Accounts Rendering Report preparation advisory.

The White Book is a documented evidence for programs and/or projects containing government information.

Performance Assessment Analysis

Government agencies and entities, as well as state and municipal governments should focus their programs and public spending on achieving objective and goals, and their results shall be measured using performance indicators.

Why is the evaluation of federal funds usage mandatory?

Article 86, Section I, of the “Ley Federal de Presupuesto y Responsabilidad Hacendaria” (Federal Law for Budget and Tax Liability) provides for an obligation to evaluate based on strategic and management indicators the federal resources used by federal entities, municipalities, territorial boundaries of the Federal District, and their respective parastatal agencies or any local public entity.

How can we give support?

The purpose of Backup Scanning is to provide technology tools that allow scanning, storing, managing and retrieving of documentary information archives from major projects and significant matters.

Why choose us?

There are THREE main reasons:

  • We are a well-known leader in Transparency, Planning and Control Consulting
  • Knowledge and capability to develop work teams
  • Innovation and development